Guarantee.What guarantee does the bike have?


The frame has a two-year warranty, the usual components have two years warranty, which are usually given by each brand of components, however each component will be subject to its own warranty than its brand. What warranty does the PINION system have? The PINION system has a two-year guarantee.


Size.How can I know my ideal size?


In each bike model a size chart appears, where you will be guided on your ideal size, depending on your height, you can contact us for any questions, where we will assist you and guide you in your decision very willingly.


Maintenance.What maintenance does my AXXIS bike have with PINION system?

The maintenance of an AXXIS bike with PINION system, is much smaller than any bike with a traditional system, the PINION transmission only needs an oil change every 10,000 km, with the rest of the components, the usual maintenance that they require (greasing of Chain, change of brake pads, tire pressure check, etc.)

Accessories. Where can I buy spare parts for my PINION system?


Within our website we present a section of spare parts and components, where you can buy any accessory or component for your PINION system.

Shipping costs.What are the shipping costs?


The price of the bike that appears on the web is the base price, at this price must be added the price of shipping costs, which will be indicated depending on the area where the shipment is, plus the price of packaging in the box Portes.




The prices indicated are prices for sale online and have VAT included, for customers residing in the EEC. For customers not resident in the EEC the prices will be free of taxes that will be deducted from the indicated price.