In early 2006 two Porsche engineers, Michael Schmitz and Chirstoph Lermen started the development of a bicycle gearbox. After a process that reaches today the German mark manufactured a transmission equipment that works based on a system of gears located inside a sealed box; Which work under oil immersion: the Pinion box.

After several previous prototypes, in 2013 comes the latest evolution of the Pinion box, an improved model and ready for production in series. A model developed and manufactured entirely in Germany.

This system of changes for bicycles already is used by several brands of bicycles of central European origin. The versatility of this system allows them to be installed, and currently used, on mountain bikes, urban bicycles and cycling bicycles.

Pinion P1.18, has 18 synchronized gears with excellent performance. The gears are stepped progressively with smooth and continuous operation, are driven by a rotary knob, located on the right side of the handlebar.

Pinion P1.18 is an integrated gearbox totally sealed against mud, water, etc. A great alternative to conventional shift transmission, derailleur and to the problems we all know give these kinds of changes.

The benefits of this Pinion P1.18 gear system are:


  • 18 gears evenly spaced with 11.5% steps, so there is no overlap of gears.
  • A total transmission ratio of 636%, which is more than other gear systems, or any current shift and derailleur system.
  • Possibility of change of gear at any time, as many sprockets or gears as you like, regardless of the route, up or down, with a single turn of the fist.
  • A safe and reliable system. A sealed and resistant box protects the gears from dirt and damages from stones, mud, water, any fall, etc.
  • Maintenance is very low if not null. The transmission runs in a biodegradable oil bath that should only be changed every 10,000 km and is designed for a service life of 60,000km.
  • Distribution of the optimum mass. Located in the place of the axis of the pedalier, lowering the center of gravity, leaving less weight behind, and more focused on the bicycle, for a comfortable driving of the bicycle.

The Pinion P1.18 is a transmission that is built as a straight gear with two partial transmissions parallel to the axle, one with three gears, and the other with six gears. The multiplication of three by six ratios gives 18 real marches spaced gradually and ergonomically ideal, with a jump between 11.5%, achieving a total transmission ratio of 636%.

Because the indexing of changes takes place inside the box, users do not have to worry about replacing the stretched shift lever cables. Gear shifts are activated via an instant response Grip Shift knob and can span multiple gears in one turn. In addition, they can be carried out even when the connecting rods are not rotating (important data regarding the traditional system). The system also allows the use of a drive belt instead of a chain. In the last evolution of the box Pinion the weights have been improved with a weight that only around 1,300 grams more than a traditional high-end system of plates, diverter, change and cassette, however and added to the aforementioned advantages, The efficiency of the pedaling can be improved up to 12% compared to a traditional system.